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I’ve made thousands of gifs and posted hundreds of sets. I think this just might be my favorite set.

Gif 1 showing that her wrists and ankles are bound, and she’s blind folded. One of her senses have been taken away which heightens the others. She’s at his mercy. She’s helpless. And slowly being penetrated.

Gif 2 beginning the fucking with a light pounding as he lightly chokes her, settling into a rhythm.

Gif 3 pausing with his penis still inside so he can rub all over her breast.

Gif 4 pulling out to tease her while she raises her head like ‘wtf are you doing? put it back in!” but knowing that she’s blind, unable to push him back in because he has her arms pushed down. Completely vulnerable and under his control, anticipating more of that dick.

Gif 5 him putting her out of her misery and returning to fucking her, this time even harder than before.

Gif 6 He fucks faster, harder, rougher, again squeezing her neck as she concedes her right to breathe, her right to see.

Gif 7  She forgets that she’s bound and spreads her legs wide open to feel even more of him while he pounds away, using her neck for leverage.

But my absolute favorite part of the set is that she has natural hair. I swear finding natural hair in black porn is like searching for a needle in a haystack.

I think it’s sexier that we don’t even really see their faces. Bravo whoever made this video.


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